The African and American Healthcare Foundation (AAHF) is a not-for-profit publicly supported health and human services charitable organization. At the Foundation we hold the view that all persons should be afforded opportunity to succeed in their chosen endeavor. Consequently, the Foundation is a strong advocate of hand-ups to those who need assistance.  Many factors contribute to the wellness and welfare of individuals.  As a result, AAHF also works with partners that develop and provide affordable housing, access to proper nutrition, knowledge about providers of services and education about civil responsibilities.

Since the Foundation is publicly supported, all donations made to it are tax deductible. In addition to cash donations, the Foundation accepts material support and endowments for use in meeting the goals of the Foundation.

The following subjects will be the focus of some of the Foundation's initiatives:

1. Objective measures for determining good and effective healthcare providers

2. Comprehensive information on human and social services that are available to eligible individuals

3. Using quality management principles to evaluate the quality of services provided by institutional providers

4. Using science-based methods to determine the effectiveness of care and human services by providers

5. Providing science-based information on being healthy by living well

6. Empowering users of healthcare and human services by helping them analyze internet-based viral information for veracity.

7. Partner with companies to transfer technology and talent to emerging economy of Nigeria