The African and American Healthcare Foundation (AAHF) is a not-for-profit publicly supported health and human services charitable organization. At the Foundation we hold the view that all persons should be afforded opportunity to succeed in their chosen endeavor. Consequently, the Foundation is a strong advocate of hand-ups to those who need assistance.  Many factors contribute to the wellness and welfare of individuals.  As a result, AAHF also works with partners that develop and provide affordable housing, access to proper nutrition, knowledge about providers of services and education about civil responsibilities.

Since the Foundation is publicly supported, all donations made to it are tax deductible. In addition to cash donations, the Foundation accepts material support and endowments for use in meeting the goals of the Foundation.

The following subjects will be the focus of some of the Foundation's initiatives:

1. Objective measures for determining good and effective healthcare providers

2. Comprehensive information on human and social services that are available to eligible individuals

3. Using quality management principles to evaluate the quality of services provided by institutional providers

4. Using science-based methods to determine the effectiveness of care and human services by providers

5. Providing science-based information on being healthy by living well

6. Empowering users of healthcare and human services by helping them analyze internet-based viral information for veracity.

7. Partner with companies to transfer technology and talent to emerging economy of Nigeria


The Foundation is a 501-C- 3 Not-for-Profit Corporation; is an exempt organization under Federal section 509 (a) (1) of the internal Revenue Code.  The Foundation is also a charitable organization; is publicly supported and eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions from donors.  The Foundation makes all its services available to all persons regardless of their individual or special characteristics


Board Representation

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trust.  The Board of Trust ensures that the Foundation and its operations meet strict ethical, moral and good business standards.  The management of the programs offered by the Foundation is supervised by a Board of Directors made up of individuals with different professional expertise.  The Board of Directors sets the Foundation’s strategic goals under the leadership of the Chairman.


Board Members:

Oranefo Okolo – Chairperson

Lue Jarrett – Vice Chair

Johnny Kuo - Secretary

Theo Okonkwo - Treasurer


The mission of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life of our customers in all service regions.  We achieve our mission by providing preventive health and health-related education, providing and coordinating human services, and developing access to care through affiliation with health care facilities and service providers.


The Foundation’s vision is to develop and implement programs that focus on the needs of children, adolescents and families, especially those at risk due to limited access to health and human services and also due to social and economic stressors.  The Foundation’s vision will be achieved when there is:


  1. Increased community involvement in providing services to the underserved
  2. Increased coordination among providers in order to create a seamless continuum
  3. Increased  access to care and services including mental health  services
  4. Increased education on disease prevention and substance abuse management
  5. Increased focus on preventive programs to reduce childhood obesity
  6. Monitoring and evaluating the quality of services provided by agencies
  7. Health care and human services agencies within short distances in communities
  8. Knowledge transfer to Nigeria to improve the health status of their communities.

Core Services and Programs

The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that all communities in which we operate benefit from our experienced professional staff.  The work we do include provision of health and human services to families, educating our communities on healthy behaviors, participating in community assessment programs, offering technical assistance to organizations and municipalities in areas of health care management, disease prevention, public health and human services.


The Foundation has four major divisions:

a. Children and Family Services

b. Community Mental Health Services

c. Health Education, Disease Prevention and Lifestyle Design Wellness Services

d. HealthCare Consulting including International Health


Children and Family Services

This division provides family preservation services; focuses on behavioral interventions for individuals and families that need assistance.  Interventions include training and modeling, role playing, participatory social skill development, providing educational materials necessary for service recipients to exhibit and maintain the desired behavior.  The division also address environmental issues in an effort to help service recipients change the physical and/or social environment to promote health and prevent disease.


The services we provide in this division include child abuse prevention, family support services, therapeutic visitation services, mentor services, therapeutic mentoring services, parenting education, parenting assessment services, parent mentoring, homemaker services, independent living/transitional living services, and other human services that may be requested from time to time.  We have added child care training for individuals who provide day care services for pre-school age children.


Community Mental Health Services

This division provides mental health and community-based services.  The following distinct services are available through this division: individual counseling, partial hospitalization program, depression assessment, anger management, marriage and family counseling, alcohol and drug assessment and counseling, supported living services, and personal support.   


Health Education, Disease Prevention, Lifestyle Design Wellness Services

This division focuses on developing effective standards for educating our customers to deal with epidemic diseases.  We agree that prevention is a key method of reducing epidemics.  We provide technical assistance in the area of prevention of infectious and sexually transmitted diseases.  We also participate in programs that encourage wellness and self care


The management of pandemic infectious diseases is currently complicated due to the advances made in the care of infected persons.  Such diseases are now viewed differently; the stigmas that were once associated with infections are losing their importance.  A new generation of adults, individuals who were either not born or were babies during major wave of pandemic disease in the past have a more cavalier attitude This may be due to the advances in disease management, which have turned some infectious diseases into chronic conditions and not the death sentence they once were.  The Foundation however holds the view that the public health and economic harm caused by pandemics are more serious than those caused by other chronic diseases like asthma and diabetes, and so we must approach pandemics differently.


HealthCare Consulting including International Health

This division provides technical assistance nationally and internationally.  It organizes professionals who are experts in their fields for educational, healthcare, social and medical missions to educate other professionals, and provide short-term health and human services to under-served communities around the world.


Management Team

The Foundation is led by the Executive Director, appointed by the Board; a position that requires extensive education in the medical sciences, healthcare and executive management.  The Executive Director provides strategic direction to the company.  Other leaders of the Foundation include Medical Director, a position held by an experienced Physician who provides overall clinical oversight for medical services; Director of Program Operations occupied by a well qualified professional and health educator with a Masters Degree in human services.  The Clinical Director position is held by a Licensed Professional with many years of clinical, human services and supervisory experience.


The Foundation is supported in its work by other professionals including Board Certified Physicians, Board Certified Healthcare Executives, Registered Nurses, Social Workers and Business and Financial experts.


Current Goals and Objectives

  1. Provide services to individuals and families that have mental health diagnosis to support their integration into society
  2. Develop a community center that will be used to provide after school and mentor programs for children
  3. Coordinate transportation for clients and others who may not have regular means of transportation to their place of care
  4. Develop a local childhood obesity prevention program for children and families that wish to receive information on obesity and its medical implications
  5. Provide education and material supplies to local and international agencies to help in their public health improvement initiatives
  6. Provide technical assistance to developing countries to help improve HIV/AIDS prevention education, encourage healthful behaviors and train professionals.


How to Support the Foundation

Donations can be made to the Foundation or to any of the divisions of the Foundation.  All donations are tax deductible, and donors are recognized.  The Foundation accepts cash and materials as donations and will publicly recognize donors that contribute over five hundred dollars in a single year.


Due to the increasing and varying needs of communities we support, donations are also welcome in the form of College Text Books in all subjects, equipments for use in hospitals and health centers, and financial contributions to help in the shipment of goods donated to the Foundation.  The Foundation welcomes contributions towards the annual Charity event for children.  This is a family event at which children receive gifts and toys, and spend a day enjoying various activities, and learning healthful behaviors and good nutritional habits.


Corporate sponsors are a big part of our support.  Organizations and companies that wish to be listed as our corporate partners are requested to complete the show of interest form.  Corporations may also stipulate how their contributions may be used.



Volunteer Opportunities

The Foundation welcomes individuals who wish to volunteer their time and talent in helping to meet its mission.  All interested persons are invited to complete a show of interest form.  Volunteers are always welcome for participation in the Foundation’s medical mission and technical assistance program to Nigeria.  Such volunteers for international programs must have a medical, nursing, pharmacy or social work degree and have an active license in the state they reside and/or work.  Individuals who have experience in disease prevention and health education, care management and public health programs are also in constant demand.


Information on technical assistance and medical mission schedules are posted when available in the News section of the Foundation’s web site.