The African and American Healthcare Foundation (AAHF) is a not-for-profit publicly supported health and human services charitable organization. At the Foundation we hold the view that all persons should be afforded opportunity to succeed in their chosen endeavor. Consequently, the Foundation is a strong advocate of hand-ups to those who need assistance.

Since the Foundation is publicly supported, all donations made to it are tax deductible. In addition to cash donations, the Foundation accepts material support and endowments for use in meeting the goals of the Foundation.


A Board of Trust, who ensures that all operations meet strict ethical, moral and good business standards, governs the Foundation. In addition to the Board of Trust, the Foundation has a Board of Directors that supervises programs and grants made to recipients. The Board of Directors also sets the Foundation’s strategic goals under the leadership of the Board Chairman. The Board Chairman provides supervision to the President and Executive Director of the Foundation. The Board is made up of Healthcare Executive, Healthcare Consultant, Independent Entrepreneur, Medical Practitioner, Public Health Professional, Community Member and University student.


* Preventive programs and services to reduce disease prevalence

* Access to healthcare and human services especially for the underserved nationally and internationally

* Proper and adequate education to communities to be better users of health services, reduce communicable diseases and enjoy better quality of life

* Opportunity for knowledge transfer between the United States of America and Nigeria

* Healthcare consultation to corporations and governments in order to improve efficiencies in healthcare delivery.

* Education to corporations on the benefits of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

* Proper Integration of Mental Health, Behavioral Health and Physical Medicine as a holistic approach to healthcare delivery